KGW Consultants

Project  Manager – Dynamics AX (Axapta) Asset Management / Work Order Management Implementation


  • World’s first WellPoint EFM & EAM co-existing implementation
  • Managed four vendors
  • On time, under budget

Aux Sable

 (Natural Gas Liquids)


Project Manager - Energy Trading and Risk Management - OpenLink ETRM Selection and Implementation


  • Core team of 18 people, full (extended) team of 65
  • Led 9 month business-focussed selection project followed by 18 month implementation
  • Project budget of $6 million
  • OpenLink identified this project as the most complex implementation of their software ever performed

Aux Sable

 (Natural Gas Liquids)


Program Manager – Dynamics AX (Axapta) ERP Implementation


  • Concurrent implementation in 7 companies across 2 countries
  • Implemented on time and under budget
  • Responsibilities included AX implementation, CSOX compliance and IFRS readiness.

Aux Sable

 (Natural Gas Liquids)


Manager – Project Support Office


  • Oversight of project portfolio of $10 million
  • Responsible for Project Process for 6 senior contract project managers and 20 internal project managers.
  • Managed several projects including Wind Power forecasting, transference of Path 1 Inter-tie operatorship from BC to Alberta and Voltage Stability package implementation


 (Alberta Electric System Operator)

Project Manager - Banking System Implementation

  • Piloted the implementation of a new banking system in preparation for a deployment to 140 credit unions across Western Canada
  • Included full conversion from mainframe based legacy system to client server.


(Credit Union Central of Alberta CUCA)

Project Manager - ATM Switching / Banking Systems

  • For this major financial institution, managed a project from design through to production certification of new ATM switching systems.  Systems and procedures for ATM balancing, ATM availability and support, fraud detection, national and provincial financial settlement and banking system modifications were also developed.
  • Managed technical relationship with switch vendor.
  • Managed resources sub-contracted to the switch vendor
  • Managed client and contract resources dedicated to the project
  • Managed interrelationships between 9 separate companies and the client regarding services provided to this project or approvals required from them prior to implementation.
  • Coordinated with implementation team to facilitate smooth transition to the production phase of the overall program.


(Credit Union Central of Alberta CUCA)

Project Manager - Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

  • Managed large enterprise wide EAI project. 
  • Included economic justification, needs and requirements analysis through to product selection (RFP) and implementation. 
  • Budget was over $3mm and involved 35 matrixed team resources
  • Converted 26 applications from legacy systems
  • The new system handled over 250 interfaces and ran 300,000 Application to Application (A2A) and Business-to-Business (B2B) transactions per day. 
  • Widely regarded as being the largest EAI implementation in Canada.

Canadian Pacific Railway

Manager - Project Management Office

  • Responsible for $225,000,000 in capital projects.
  • Developed project review and approval processes.
  • Established project economic evaluation criteria to allow IT capital projects to be evaluated against other corporate capital projects
  • Managed a team of 6 project management coaches.
  • Consulted to the CIO and the User Council (CPR’s Vice Presidents) to ensure that IS expenditures were aligned with corporate strategy and to assist in setting priorities for the overall corporate IS budget.  
  • Coaching responsibilities for 65 project managers

Canadian Pacific Railway

Project Manager - Train Dispatch / Safety Critical Development project (TGBO)

  • Managed a project to provide vital time sensitive safety restrictions to train crews (Tabular General Bulletin Orders)
  • High risk, life critical system where information accuracy and reliability was critical to avoiding derailments and loss of human life / environmental disasters
  • Proactively addressed Transport Canada safety concerns
  • Competitor railways have expressed interest in purchasing system.
  • 20 man years of development; 4 man years of testing

Canadian Pacific Railway

Project Manager – Banking Systems De-conversion

  • On behalf of this Calgary based major financial institution, led a project to deconvert a large member credit union (80,000 members) off of a centralized banking system.
  • Multi party / vendor environment

Credit Union Central of Alberta (Celero)

Project Manager – Banking Systems De-conversion

  • On behalf of this major province wide financial institution, led a project to deconvert a large member credit union (100,000 members) off of a centralized banking system.
  • Multi party / vendor environment

Credit Union Central of Alberta (Celero)

Facilitator / Methodology Development - Post Implementation Reviews

  • Developed PIR methodology and framework
  • Assessed projects over an 18 month period
  • Developed and implemented communication / feedback process to ensure project ‘learnings’ were provided to the appropriate audience and incorporated into associated business processes

Canadian Pacific Railway

Project Management  - CRM Implementation

  • For this US based, international software development firm, specializing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products, managed all Western Canadian implementations. 
  • Each implementation was valued between $200,000 and $1,000,000.

Onyx Software

Project Manager - Web Portal Development

  • Managed a project to design and develop a corporate (intranet) and external (internet) web portal.

Canadian Pacific Railway

Project Management CRM Implementation

  • For this international developer of Mining software, managed the implementation of an enterprise wide, client server “Client Management System” in many locations around the world

Gemcom International

Project Manager -  Dealer Channel establishment for Health Care Systems

  • Managed a project to enable a dealer network to sell a hosted health care system across Alberta (later expanding across Canada)


Coach - Project Management

  • Consulted for the Project Management Office (PMO) to review project proposals
  • Coached all IT and business area managers in project economics and project management techniques
  • In this engagement, the PMO was responsible for 65 project managers and  $200,000,000 in capital projects.

Canadian Pacific Railway

Project Manager - Mayoralty Debate

  • For the Chamber of Commerce (in conjunction with Global TV and the Calgary Herald) , managed a project to plan and present a live televised mayoralty debate for the 2001 Calgary civic elections.

Chamber of Commerce

Project Manager, Pharmaceutical application design & development

  • Managed the design, development and implementation of a pharmacy system for a large multi-branch pharmaceutical chain.

Calgary Coop

Project Manager - Conversion & Development

  • Successfully led the integration of all key systems following the hostile take-over of another oil company

Ranger Oil

Project Manager - CRM Implementation

  • For a leading developer of software for industrial automation systems (based out of Chicago), managed the implementation of a large-scale sales, support and customer management system.

Taylor Industrial Software

Project Manager - Application Development

  • For Canada Employment Centres, managed the development of applications to evaluate client skill assessments and identify new career possibilities, designed for people undergoing career transition.

Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC)

Project Manager - HRIS Implementation, HR Process Redesign

  • Managed and performed an engagement to implement an HRIS system
  • Re-engineered all associated processes to best leverage system capabilities.

National Energy Board

Project Manager, Package Implementation, Cultural Change Management

  • For a large Oil & Gas company, suffering from a variety of internal interpersonal and interdepartmental communications problems, led the successful deployment of a large world wide group ware / collaboration system (Lotus Notes).


Project Manager - Sales Accounting Re-Engineering & Application Development

  • For this large international chemical processing company, managed the activities of a third party development group on a major Oracle development project to design and develop a new sales accounting system


Project Manager - Y2K

  • For a Fortune 500 Oil & Gas company, managed a review and risk assessment of local and international applications for Y2K compliance

Ranger Oil

Management Review; Management Coaching; Project Review

·         For the worlds largest privately owned oil & gas company, reviewed project management skills (all departments, including IS), and then worked with all senior managers to improve those skills


Project Manager, Y2K Risk Assessment

·         For the Government of Canada, Human Resource Cluster Group, evaluated Human Resource Information systems for risk and Y2K compliance.

Government of Canada

Project Manager - Financial Accounting Systems implementation

·         Managed the installation of a new financial accounting system.

Sceptre Resources

Project Manager - Application Development

  • For the R&D division, managed the development of new applications, based on research developed in their laboratories, for field use by engineers worldwide.
  • Developed Project tracking and information sharing systems

BJ Services

Program Manager - Oil & Gas application suite development

·        Managed a program of development projects including

·         AFE tracking and approvals

·         Drillings and Completions

·         Daily production volumes

·         Employee time sheets

·         Employee information

·         Employee skills tracking

Ranger Oil

Guest Speaker - Project Management

  • For the Faculty of Graduate Studies – MBA program, gave a guest lecture to project management students, on the differences between traditional project management, and IS project management.

University of Calgary

Guest Speaker - Project Management

  • For the Business Speaker Series, spoke on the challenges of successfully managing IS projects

University of Calgary

Project Manager - Health Care Risk Assessment

  • Managed an engagement to analyse potential risks for a large acute care hospital group running financial systems with outdated software and hardware;


Project (Implementation) Manager - Mainframe Computer Systems

  • For Sperry Univac (Unisys), installed many large-scale mainframe computer systems involving both operating systems and application software.  
  • Trained users, operators, security officers, and Information Systems managers in their functions as they related to their new computer systems;

Sperry Univac (Unisys)