KGW Consultants

Ken Wiens is available to speak to your organization. Some of the engagements he has completed include:
  • Conoco Phillips - team building
  • City of Calgary - Project Management under adverse conditions
  • CNRL - leading from within - making teams effective
  • CIPS (Project Management SIG) - Creating compelling yet honest business cases
  • PMI - Project Management in hostile and dangerous environments
  • Suncor (Keynote for annual field retreat)
  • CPR (Team building under adversity)
  • Project Management Institute
  • CIPS Project Management Special Interest Group (Business case development)
  • University of Calgary, Faculty of Management
  • CIPS CIO forum
  • Senior Management forum (U of C Friday Morning speaker series)
  • Numerous Public Service Organizations 



Building Accurate Credible & Compelling Business Cases

Presented to the CIPS Project Management SIG on February 16, 2005
(Check the notes page on slide 6 for recommended reference texts)

Differences in project management between Information Systems projects, and non-IS projects.

An abridged copy of this presentation is available for  from this site.

To Dream the Impossible Dream: Managing Successful IS Projects

This presentation was given on behalf of the University of Calgary as part of the "Friday Morning at the Faculty" Speaker series to Calgary Business

Knowledge Management.

Presented to Canadian Information Processing Association

Mount Logan - East Ridge

Motivational speaking engagements can be scheduled as part of your corporate event.  These are  based on the successful 1996 Mt Logan East Ridge expedition that Ken Wiens led.  This talk focuses on team building and project management in environmentally challenging, high stress, life threatening situations.  This presentation can be tailored to emphasize the theme of your event .  

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