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Experience the adventure and team challenges as four climbers head off for a month to tackle one of the highest mountains in North America. How do they plan and prepare themselves and then survive the physical and emotional challenges?  Learn about the behind-the-scenes aspects of managing, planning and executing a project of this size, while being entertained with a multimedia record of the entire expedition. Some of the aspects covered include:  

Safety.  The team is crossing the largest non-polar glacier in the world, exposed to some of the world’s worst weather, high altitude, extreme winds, knife-edge ridges, and avalanches - without any access to outside emergency help. 

Risk Analysis.  A single mistake could mean that the team will not return alive.  The team must be fully self sufficient and prepared for any emergency 

Team composition.  You’re physically tied to your team members for three weeks and will eat, sleep and work together continuously for four weeks. Management of personality conflicts - readily and effectively, is a necessity.  Building and sustaining a trust relationship is paramount.  Building a team that brings the appropriate traits together is key to success. 

Logistical issues.  How do you prepare, package and move a months worth of supplies into the Yukon and then almost 20,000 feet up a mountain?


Whether you are managing teams or projects and regardless of the setting, this presentation provides principles, practical advice and motivation. 


Mount Logan – East Ridge Ascent


 This multimedia presentation covers an ascent of the technical East Ridge of Mount Logan (Canada’s highest peak). Each leg of the journey is shown in pictures and music, interspersed with a talk on the progress and challenges faced during the journey.


The speaker, Ken Wiens, has been climbing for 32 years, and has been a management consultant for over 25.  Audiences from large corporations, non-profit, and public sector groups through to schools and youth organizations have Ken speak regularly.  A focus on maintaining a healthy life style, goal setting, team building, and perseverance in extreme situations is highlighted throughout.

For your corporate event, this presentation can be tailored to emphasize specific elements of your agenda.  Please contact us for more information.  We are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and can be reached at