KGW Consultants

Some fundamental highlights of our Human Resource Consulting approach are presented below

    Organizational Factors
  • Strive to find the appropriate blend of process centric work attitudes, team effectiveness, information sharing, and open book management

  • Technology implementation
  • Technology implementation requires a multidisciplinary approach to project management. The KGW approach blends change management, an understanding of the human impact of an implementation and a technical background that ensures the success of the project itself.

  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Our methodology is flexible enough to adapt to any organizational need. Technically, it merges the approaches of Hammer/Champy and Harrington.  We can also adapt our consulting approach to utilize other methodologies if our client prefers.

  • Information Sharing / Knowledge Management
  • Making information sharing easy and cost effective while improving productivity - without impacting available time
  • Overcoming interdepartmental conflict in information sharing
  • Using technology as a tool for improving information sharing
  • Retaining employee knowledge and experience as a corporate asset - even if the employee leaves

Since KGW implemented one of the first knowledge management systems in the Canadian Oil & Gas industry, we have been recognized for our work in this area. Our research and industry experiences have shown us that many organizations can obtain significant benefits through improved information sharing. For example, some companies may implement significant quality, or performance improvement programs, without adequate consultation with employees - those affected the most. Process improvement or reengineering programs are often doomed to failure due to a lack of employee involvement and buy-in.

Poor information sharing in an organization can be caused by a variety of factors. Most commonly found, are organizations that don't properly evaluate the impact of grass roots communication channels, and do not adequately use the formal communications capabilities (and recognize the existence and impact of the informal mechanisms)  of the organization. Adequate use though, means an appropriate mix of technology and content .  Successful organizations combine honest, complete content - with a method of dissemination that gets the message out clearly to all staff.

Many organizations need assistance in combining message content with the communications medium. Technology and Communications skills must be maximized in the organization that wants its staff to buy-in to the agenda of organizational success.